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Participating in protests got him jailed four times - though never for longer than three days, he explains, as he knew "good lawyers" who supported the civil rights movement - as well as physically assaulted. After getting kicked out of the University of Mississippi for organising protests and events against segregation, Mr Gorton joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (sncc the "Marine Corps of the civil rights movement he says, "going in when no one else did". As a result, he undertook an 18-month drive across the Mississippi Delta, documenting "the most Southern place on earth including encounters with more progressive whites, such as those at the revival, and activists fighting for de-segregation and civil rights, often at great risks to themselves. Media captionThe divided visions of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The Supreme Court had ordered the immediate integration of schools in the South, the Vietnam War raged, and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. "We've come a long way - yes, there is still forever to go, but it is better." Having spent decades living elsewhere around the US, Mr Doggett says he now often thinks about returning to the South, and is encouraged by how Jackson now has.

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When a burly young white man inside the revival tent spontaneously picked up a small black boy sitting with his family and clasped him to his chest amid thronging songs of praise, Mr Gorton captured with his camera the sort of moment that rarely makes. "And are still doing them.". Gorton, image caption An all-white barber shop run by all-black barbers in downtown Atlanta, 1970. References in periodicals archive? Gorton, image caption Seeing white and black people together at this Pentecostal gathering had a monumental effect on photographer Doy Gorton. But the civil rights coverage was full of exceptionally smart, educated blacks.".

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