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This paper synthesizes all the tries of modeling and implementation in Net- Logo for the asynchronous search techniques. Keywords: Distributed Constraint programming, distributed modeling, NetLogo, asynchronous search techniques. Proceedings of the ijcai11 Workshop on Distributed Constraint Reasoning (DCR11 pages 112121, Barcelona, 2011. This type of distributed modeling appears naturally in many problems for which the information is distributed among many agents. The agents can be processes residing on a single computer or on several computers, distributed within a network. The agents communication is done according to the communication model introduced. For that, when aHubNet client receives a message, it needs to call another procedure (that is called handle-message) and is used to handle messages specic to each asynchronous search technique. For these types of problems used in the evaluation there are NetLogo modules that can be included in the future implementations. Distributed Search by Constrained Agents: algorithms, performance, communication.

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Discussion There are very few platforms for implementing and solving DisCSP problems: DisChoco 16, dcopolis12 and frodo5. The way of representation of the main messages is presented as follows: 265 Ionel Muscalagiu. In any NetLogo agent simulation, four entities(objects) participate: The Observer, that is responsible for simulation initialization and control. netlogo douai

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5 Conclusions In this paper we introduce an model of study and evaluation for the asynchronous search techniques in NetLogo using the typical problems used for evaluation, model called DisCSP-NetLogo. Such networks, however, present many challenges to information sharing and coordination. There is a very large community of NetLogo users that can help for development. In the future we wish to extend the clients so that they are completely independent, using Java modules that communicate using sockets. When unpredictable events, like for example path cut and vehicles failure, may occur during the PDP schedule execution, we say that the PDP is dynamic (dpdp) and in this case we have to revise this schedule. it allows the communication between agents, without being necessary to call directly the communication system (it is independent of the network support -the models can allow the simulation of multiagent systems on a single machine, and also on a cluster; - DisCSP-NetLogo provides a special.

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